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JJAFU Zone 5 seminar closed successfully in Addis Ababa

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More than 50 participants only in the first day attended the seminar that started on 21st September that hosted by Grand Master Giancarlo Bagnulo,  Technical Director of the Ju-Jitsu African Union (JJAFU) and Technical Director of the Italian Judo, Wrestling, Karate and Martial Arts Federation and by Master Maurizio Giuseppe.

By the reason that the training hall was smaller than the usual one, the 4 days seminar training has been given in groups that visited by several Ju-Jutsukas successfully. The training was held as a full days training with lunch break.

The participants have been divided in different groups respectively beginners, advanced and trainers in order to use the dojo in optimal condition and gathered enormous experience as well as advanced their knowledge. The training was focused on competition system and Ju-Jitsu basic training as well as upgrading the skills of the trainers.

The participants learned Ju-Jitsu competition systems (fighting, Duo, NeWaza) and basic Ju-Jitsu trainings as well as trainer methods. Hence, these technics are very relevant for coming JJAFU and JJIF Championships.

Before the Zone 5 JJAFU seminar started, Grand master Bagnulo and Master Giuseppe gave two days seminar conducted to self-defense, NeWaza, Judo, and self-defense for children as a forerun.

The participants came from different clubs and also one trainer from the southern regional state of Ethiopia. According the organizational challenges the participants from northern and eastern Ethiopia couldn’t reach timely. At the end of the seminar the participation received certificates and presents. Participants from other African countries could not able to attend because of the high travel and accommodations cost as well as the tight time table.

The JJAFU seminar that hosted by Technical Director Giancarlo Bagnulo and Master Maurizio Giuseppe has been closed on 24th September successfully after the evaluation of the potential athletes for the coming Championships. The nomination of the athletes took place later by following the recommendation of Mr. Bangulo.

The entire executive committee of the Judo & Ju-Jitsu Association was present and passed it thanks to all participants special to the trainers.

EJJAs special thanks goes to Grand Master Grand Bagnulo and Master Maurizio Giuseppe for their fantastic training that based on good will and on the philosophy of the traditional Martial Arts. EJJA thanks also for the participation and supporting of Antonio Emmanouilidis on this fruitful seminar. We thanks again the JJAFU and JJIF for their relentless support in order to develop Ju-Jitsu in the African Continent.

The seminar has been also visited by several external guests and was full of Joyce and coolness. At the end, some Ju-Jitsu trainers could renewed their trainer permission, who missed the chance in 2011 that directed by Grand Master Joachim Thumfart, Technical Director of Ju-Jitsu International Federation.

Some contents of this training will be captured on the documentary film that is planned to produce. In this regard we appreciate the great job of Mr. Gramamie Sideau, a documentary film maker that came extra from Canada.

2nd Senior African Championship of Ju-Jitsu

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SENEGALESE JUDO AND ASSOCIATED DISCIPLINES FEDERATION Senegalese JU JITSU Association in cooperation with Republic of Senegal Ministry of Sports, Ju Jitsu International Federation and Ju Jitsu African Union organized the 2nd Senior African Ju-Jitsu Championship in Dakar, November, 10th to 11th November 2012.

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