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Self-defense and Confidence Seminar to Ethiopian Community, Cambridge/Boston

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The Self-defense and Confidence Seminar was held on the 27th of July 2014, to the Ethiopian Community (Ethiopians and Ethio-Americans) in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The seminar was hosted by me (Dr. Tsegaye Degineh, President of EJJA and Vice President of JJAFU), assisted by young Saron, and featured Sarah Stanton, President of US Ju-Jitsu Organization and Michael Piaser, World Referee A and Treasurer of USJJO.
The following topics were discussed at the seminar.

  • Definition of Martial Arts and its development in Africa and Ethiopia
  • Basic self-defense, Ju-Jitsu structure and sport (theoretical and practical)
  • Awareness strategies and self-confidence
  • Self-defense strategies and de-escalation tactics (verbal and technical)
  • Physical responses, conflict management, law and first aid

The seminar was held for free in Amharic and English. Despite the unexpected funeral ceremony in the Ethiopian Community that took place on the same day, more than one third of the expected persons (50) of different genders and ages attended the seminar. It was truly a success. The community praised Tsegaye Degineh, Sarah Stanton and Michael Piaser, as well as young Saron for their great work. Further the community present its support to the USJJO and African Ju-Jitsu and has shown great interest in Ju-Jitsu and self-defense. Several participants requested for the continuity of the seminars to learn more. Afterwards, the organizers received several motions to consider self-defense in the Ethiopian Americans sport activities. The seminar was organized by Mrs. Genet Yeneneh Alemu and Mrs. Tsion Yeneneh Alemu.

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