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5th Dan Examination - JJAFU Congratulations messages to Dr. Tsegaye Degineh

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The Ju-Jitsu African Union congratulates its Vice President Dr. Tsegaye Degineh for the graduation to the 5th Dan Black Belt that took place during the World Championships in Paris 2014. The examination took place at de Coubertin with the presence of international Grandmasters as examiners. The Examiners were Mario DEN EDEL (Netherlands), 9. DAN Ju-Jitsu, former Technical Director JJIF, Joachim THUMFART (Germany), 7. DAN Ju-Jitsu, JJIF World Instructor, Sports Director JJIF and Ju-Jitsu Asian Union, Colince TATSA TCHINDA (Cameroon), 6. DAN Ju-Jitsu, JJAFU President and Stefan A. BADENSKI (Poland), 6. DAN Ju-Jitsu, Vice President Ju-Jitsu European Union (JJEU). Dr Tsegaye had as Uke the Duo fighters of German National Team, Michael Kunz and Manuel Spindel.
Many high ranking officials observed the examination mainly Dr. Dylan Sung, Vice president JJIF, Roland Köhler President German Ju-Jitsu Federation, Michael Korn, Vice President German Ju-Jitsu Federation, Günther Beier, German Ju-Jitsu, Roland Westergaard, World Referee A Denmark and Team Taiwan and others.
Grand Master Joachim Thumfart as the head of the examining panel, underlined that JJIF support graduation for high ranks of the NFs especially leading persons with appropriate examiners to guarantee the quality and acceptance of grades in JJIF member federations. To remind, JJAFU President made the first step during the convention in Tunisia by successfully completing the examination to the rank of Grand masters that led by Grand Master Heinz Lamade (9th Dan) and Grand Master Marion den Edel (9th Dan).
Dr. Tsegaye Degineh has shown outstanding performance by combining traditional and modern elements that received applause from the audience and recognition by the examiner. With the 5th Dan, he is the highest Ju Jutsika in Ethiopia. JJAFU invited all national federation to follow this kind of examination that lead by JJIF recognized international instructors. It helped to standardized the styles and the Dan levels as well as to raise the quality of the African Ju-Jitsu and Ju Jitsukas. It is a strong wish to see one day Ju-Jitsukas from different nation standing together for examination under the patronage of JJIF.
JJAFU presents its complement to examining panel, examinee, examination partners, to the French Judo Ju-Jitsu Federation, JJIF and particularly to JJIF Sport Director Joe Thumfart that coordinate the examination.

JJIF African Union AASC