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When was the JJAFU established?

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In January 2006, following the request of the JJIF's president and a joint initiative from Cameroon, Mauritius and South Africa, the JIU-JITSU AFRICAN UNION (JJAFU) was founded.
Following the successful creation of the Asian federation in Almaty, Kazakhstan, in September 2005, have now followed up the creation of the JJIF continental African federation.
In the morning of 7 th January 2006 the Jiu-Jitsu African Union (JJAFU) was formally founded at Johannesburg, South Africa, by the present JJIF African member countries. The JJIF president, Dr. Paul Höglund had the honour and the pleasure of leading this historic meeting, which was conducted in a very positive atmosphere. From now the African Union will play a very important and active role in the development of the JJIF together with the other existing continental unions.
JJIF African Union AASC