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Stage with Instructor Wolfgang Reitsch in Gambia

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Wolfgang Reitsch, Ju Jitsu Instructor and former President of the federal state Brandenburg Ju Jitsu Federation, in Germany was on aid mission in Lamin, Gambia and engaged with other doctors and nurses to help on Good will base. On request of Dr. Tsegaye Degineh, JJAFU Vice-President, he  heartily agreed to give a Ju Jitsu seminar in Senegal and Gambia. Then with the Cooperation of JJAFU President Colince Tatsa Chinda and Zone 2 President, Sheikh Tidiane Fall, the stage date was fixed on the 23rd -24th October 2010.

After the first contact with Alh Musa A. Coker, President G.K.F.A.D., a meeting took place in order to organize the planned stage. In Gambia, there are various Martial Arts and Ju Jitsu like systems that are most unlikely comparable with the German Ju Jutsu system. In the next evening there was a life radio interview in the sports program with Instructor Wolfgang Reitsch, which was quite exciting.

The stage was planed in two sessions. Part one of the first session took place on Saturday morning, 23 October,  for 3 hours, and the second part on the same day for 2.5 hours early in the evening. The participants were masters and technical directors from different Martial Arts (Judo, Karate, Kung Fu, and Taekwondo). The training was held on the hard concrete floor, which was covered with a small piece of mat and at about 30 °C outside temperature and very high humidity. Despite the temperature the highly motivated participants have enjoyed the training and learnt very quickly every techniques and combinations.
The crowning was on Sunday, 24th October, the second session. Just around 160 participants, from white to black belt were gathered in the basketball arena, which has also a hard concrete ground without mat. This time, the President of the Senegalese Ju Jitsu Federation Sheikh Tidiane Fall was also there. It was a very impressive on this Martial Arts event to hear the "Hus" as welcoming greeting in the arena and to see all over to the beautiful and colourful suits of Kung Fu and Gis. The training was held under the high sun of Gambia with 40 °c and 50% of humidity. The training was focused on basic techniques and realistic combinations, Sabakis (basically body movement), throws and locks. In the last part of the training the participants have learnt the rules of the JJIF fighting system.
At the end of this unforgettable stage, there were specially thanks and awards. After the very interesting and hot training day, Instructor Wolfgang Reitsch was back to his hotel and to cool down in the freshening Atlantic Ocean 27 °C.

This course was a big step towards the establishment of Ju-Jitsu in Gambia and gave a strong  impulse for the further development of the Zone 2 Ju Jitsu African Union.

Instructor Wolfgang Reitsch promised to hold the next course in 2011.


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