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Ju-Jitsu World Championships in St. Petersburg and Africa

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The General Assembly and the World Championship in Ju Jitsu was completed very successfully. The GA has been discussed on the new proposal regarding the new fighting system Ne-Waza, (There will be in Paris an open first Championship on Ne-Waza). That makes Ju Jitsu alternative to Brazilian Ju Jitsu. Africa has participated for the first time in its history as well us in the history of the International Ju Jitsu federation. Ethiopia and Mauritius were the only two countries from Africa (from the 37 Countries). The Opening ceremony was a very glamorous moment that has been accompanied by Russian military music band and different shows.
The Athletes have shown in part 1 remarkable techniques and strength and were leading by points, which was not unfortunately good enough to win the matches at the end. The Athletes from other countries were physically very strong on the ground techniques.
These Ethiopian and Mauritius athletes started from zero with incomparable training capacity and facility to the other Athletes from Industry nations, who have irreproachable opportunities. In Africa Ju Jitsu are still in development and needs more support. (Coaches, equipment, physical fitness, awareness).
These Athletes have not even winter clothing comparing to the other Athletes. They also fought against -8°C winter conditions and deep snow that they never know in their life. The whole cost of the Ethiopia and Mauritius Athletes was cover by themselves and their delegates. These Athletes make history for Africa!
JJIF African Union AASC