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JJIF Summer Camp 2011

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Τhe 2011 Summer Camp of the Ju-Jitsu International Federation (JJIF) took place this year in Lignano Sabbiadoro ITALY, a few kilometers from Venice, from the 1st till the 6th of August. Present were the JJIF President Mr. Panagiotis Theodoropoulos, the General Secretary Mrs. Michaela Dana Murgesku, the Treasurer Mr. Luc Mortelmans and the Vice-President Mr. Tomo Borissov.
It was the first JJIF Technical and Referee official meeting in which the Ju-Jitsu African Union (JJAFU) participated with three representatives, Mr. Giancarlo Bagnulo JJAFU Technical Director, Mr. Dimitrios Georgantidis JJAFU Referee Director and Mr. Adriano Mariotti JJAFU Referee Vice-Director.
Before the Referee training course a meeting took place to discuss the introduction of the new kind of competition (Ne Waza) in the JJIF competition system.
During the Camp, Mr. Dimitrios and Mr.Adriano attended the Referee Seminar to refresh their Referee Licence.
The course was kept by Mr. Ueli Zürcher JJIF World A Referee and Secretary of the JJEU Referee Committee and Mr. Linus Bruhin JJIF World A Referee and Chairman of the JJIF Disciplinary Committee.
The Referee Seminar was attended by 2 National and 12 International Referees, 8 of which were candidates for the next level and 6 of them participated to refresh their Referee License. Finally the 2 National Referees from Singapore were promoted to Continental B Referees and the rest 6 International Referees were promoted to the next Referee category.
Mr. Dimitrios and Mr. Adriano also attended the Referee Seminar of the new JJIF discipline (Ne waza). They also had the chance to referee a few training fights.
They had the chance to explain the situation of the African Referees and the development of Ju-Jitsu in Africa to the participants.
The course teachers welcomed the work of JJAFU in Africa and urged Mr. Dimitrios and Mr. Adriano to continue their training activity for the graduation of new Continental B Referees in as many African countries as possible.
They also encouraged them to support the African Referees who can proceed to Continental A rank.
Everyone wishes to have some African Referees in high level international Competitions and meetings as soon as possible.
In parallel with the Referee course, there was the International Technical Seminar with many Ju-Jitsu Masters from different countries. Each of them taught for one period of 3 hours. By his turn Master Giancarlo Bagnulo in his time period taught Self Defense techniques and kept contacts for future international competitions in Africa.
At the end of the Summer Camp, Master Tomo Borissov expressed his congratulations to the African team for their engagement, asking them to call on African National Federations to organize a World Competition in Africa as soon as possible.
Finally Mr. Dimitrios with 3 more World A Referees were elected to be sent to Cali Columbia for the 2011 Ju-Jitsu World Championship. The expenses of these 4 Referees will be covered by the JJIF.
JJIF African Union AASC