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Conférence & Seminar on the Thème "Security, Prevention and Conflicts Management"

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I have the great pleasure to come back to you in this occasion for presenting an African model to be used for Jiu-Jitsu development in Africa and if judged interesting in the whole World. In fact, we fixed ourselves a social vision of "building a peaceful society based on the non-violence principles"; in that way, among all the activities to be organized, we organized from the 9th to the 10th December 2011 in Yaoundé-Cameroon, a Conférence & Seminar on the Thème "Security, Prevention and Conflicts Management", with as our main targets the Public and Private Security Services and Agents (Army, Police, Security Agencies and Security for prisons) who are professionally more exposed to conflicts. The main Leader of the Conference was the French Michel SINTES from Geneva (founder of "Vision Passion Action Génève" and creation of the Watch Rolex, expert for creativity, innovation, conflicts management among others.).
For the event, we got the participation of more than thirty policemen officially mandated by the Head Chief of Cameroon Police, with few militaries came through our JJAFU General Secretary (the Major General Pierre SAMOBO who supervised all the event), and few security agencies.
The aim of the conference was to teach and explain to all the participants in order to help them to understand more about the Conflicts, how to prevent them and the best way to manage them at all the level (Psychological, verbal, and physical). The seminar led by myself was aimed to the practical section of the conflicts management, based on the use of Self-Defense/Jiu-Jitsu added to the Non-Violence principles. We also seized that opportunity for presenting the official JJIF competition dedicated to the security services and inviting them to start to work in order to establish it inside their respective corps and between the differents security corps existing. put apart the reinforcement of their capacities in order to insure their own security and the one of the gangster during their service, it is also important to raise up the fact that through such a project which put together all the security corps, we surely deepen the cohesion between Army, Police, Security Agencies and others which several times are fighting each agaisnt others.
We humbly think that by strenghtening our team for Conferences and seminars as we started, we could repeat the experience in all the African countries and setting everywhere the JJIF competition for the security corps. However, it could also be exploited at the World level (JJIF); in that way we are ready to present to JJIF for eventual improvement and use (if requested) the contain of the conference and the Self-defence (Jiu-Jitsu) skills for the seminar during one of their official meeting. For the activities preparing the next women feast day of 8th March 2012, we plan to launch at the end of February the project "AMAZONA" which is the same event but only targets to women of Army, Police, Security Agencies and others security services.
You can have as attached file to this mail, few pictures of the event, the others will follow.

I am hereby forwarding to all of you, on behalf the whole JJAFU board and family, our best wishes for the Christmas period and the New year 2012; may the Almighty and Merciful God lead your feet on the way of Success, Prosperity and Health.

JJIF African Union AASC