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The extraordinary GA reelected the Board for the next 4 years

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The 31st August 2012, was held in Yaoundé-Cameroon from 11 am to 2.30 pm, a JJAFU Extraordinary General Assembly.


  • From Cameroon: Major General Pierre SAMOBO (JJAFU General Secretary), Mrs. Régine ASSOMO (Vice-President of JJAFU Women Committee), Mr. Colince TATSA TCHINDA (JJAFU President);
  • From RD Congo: Mr. Daniel KANGALU A-KITOKO (President of JJAFU Zone 4);
  • From RCA: Mr. Félix MOUABE (Representative);
  • From Tchad: Mr. Ismael MALOUM BAKO (Representative);
  • From Mali: Mr. ZOUMANA DIAKITE (Skype Representative);
  • From Ivory Coast: Mr. Macode FALL (JJAFU Vice-President);
  • From Ethiopia: Dr. Tsegaye DEGINEH (JJAFU Vice-President);
  • From Libya: Mr. Nabil DRAWEEL (Representative by proxy);
  • From Niger: Mr. Ibrahim MADAÏ (Apologizing/Supporting Mail for decisions taken);
  • From Sénégal: Mr. Cheikh TIDIANE FALL (Apologizing/Supporting Mail for decisions taken);
  • From Mauritius: Mr. Nuvin PROAG (Apologizing/Supporting Mail for decisions taken);
  • From Greece: Mr. Dimitris GEORGANTIDIS (JJAFU Referee Committee Director).

Each participant was giving the floor for an introductive word as well as their position about the announced draft agenda; then the following agenda was adopted:

  1. The presentation of the JJAFU’s Board Report, made by its president;
  2. A round table for reactions and contributions linked to the Board report;
  3. Election of the JJAFU Board;
  4. Contribution for a draft agenda for the forthcoming Ordinary GA in Dakar-Sénégal;
  5. General matters and closure.

The Board was reelected for this new Olympiad of the 4 next years. For the second motion, the majority voted for the contribution of 250 Euros/year for each JJAFU’s members; it was said that the second motion constituted an emergency solution supposed to be changed in the future, for giving total priority to the sponsoring option, and the adoption of fee for a continental license for all the African athletes.

After the adoption of the Agenda, the JJAFU President started the presentation of the Board report, through the activities organized as follows: “Administrative Level”, “Technical Level”, “Vulgarization & Development”, “Perspectives”. In Conclusion, the President presented to the assembly two board motions: the first one for the reelection of the board which actual mandate is still in the middle, and the second one for the adoption of a JJAFU contribution of 250 Euros/member/year, for allowing a basic running of the board.

JJIF African Union AASC