What is the JJAFU?

The JJAFU is the African Continental forum for Jiu-Jitsu (Ju Jitsu) where the National Official Sport Authorities can debate issues related to the practice of Jiu-Jitsu in order to establish continental Programmes and activities, and in order to elect the institutions, which will implement them.

JJAFU is the only highest representative and governing body for JJIF in Africa, officially recognized and member of SCSA (Supreme Council of Sports in Africa) and AASC (African Association of Sports Confederations). JJIF is Full Member of GAISF (General Assembly of International Sports Federations) and IWGA (International World Games Association).

Following the successful creation of the Asian federation in Almaty, Kazakhstan, in September 2005, have now followed up the creation of the JJIF continental African federation.

In the morning of 7 th January 2006 the Jiu-Jitsu African Union (JJAFU) was formally founded at Johannesburg, South Africa, by the present JJIF African member countries. The JJIF president, Dr. Paul Höglund had the honour and the pleasure of leading this historic meeting, which was conducted in a very positive atmosphere. In the afternoon of the same day, 7 th January 2006, another historic event took place. In the presence of the Deputy Director of UNESCO Department for Sport and Education, Mr Marcellin Dally from the UNESCO Head Office at Paris, a sport cooperation conference was held at the Willow Park Conference Centre in Johannesburg. The conference continued also the following day.

Delegates from the five following sports were present: Beltwrestling, Jujitsu, Kurash, Sambo and Sumo. The present delegates unanimously decided to found a new sport body, the “African Confederation of Traditional Wrestling Sports (AFCTWS)”. The aim of this pilot project of founding a continental confederation in Africa between combat sports is to get greater influence and a better base for obtaining future funding, support and sponsorship.

The project is strongly supported by UNESCO in line with its engagement in sport and education, especially for developing areas in the world. Certainly this will give a strong opportunity to have a broad based horizon for promoting these traditional wrestling sports and martial sports (arts) together.

Further it was decided to immediately apply for recognition from the ANOCA (Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa) by the new founded entity AFCTWS. At present the ANOCA Headquarters are located in Yaoundé, Cameroun, and as the newly elected president of our Jiu-Jitsu African Union, Mr Colince Tatsa Tchinda is living in Yaoundé, he has promised to intensify his already started contacts with the ANOCA.

Mrs Suzette Bezuidenhout from Pretoria, South Africa, was unanimously elected as president of the AFCTWS. The board also consists of a vice president from each of the five sports in the confederation. It was also taken a further initiative to work for having a possible joint first African Championships together for the five cooperating sports in the confederation under the patronage of UNESCO and also some great African personality and leader.

Following the president of the JJIF, we heartily wish both the new Jiu-Jitsu African Union and the African Confederation of Traditional Wrestling Sports all good luck for the future development and the greatest possible success!